it looks like we havent't posted here in over 3 months! sorry about that homies!

we took the winter to regroup and record. the new EP is coming out next saturday at the Wurst Times After Party

we're also playing live on WSUM 91.7 FM this friday, may 23 @ 3 pm

then later that night, we're opening for a band from Sweden called Outshine! see details to the right.

so that's 3 shows again this Memorial Day weekend!


The Next Step

howdy kids! if you haven't heard, Ben has decided to leave the band. we wish him the best and we'll always be friends

from now on, the guys will continue as a 3-piece and put our spin on the term "power trio"

stay tuned for new recordings and show announcements!

in the meantime, check out this faceboook page by folks that put out a new compilation cd where Madison bands record a song by another Madison band

Local Love Fest

also check out Poopshovel


Drift King Video

the talented Adam Wirtz has made us another fantastic vid

it was uploaded to YouTube yesterday and you can check it out here


Vinyl Recs

Head Out Of Your Mind is now available on 180 gram vinyl!

you can order it at


Catch us this weekend in Oshkosh and Madison!

we're playing this Friday at the the legendary Reptile Palace in Oshkosh and The Crystal Corner in Madison on Saturday


Check Out Our Brand Spankin' New Video!

directed by Robert Halstead and shot by Tim Consequence,

"Steve Kerr" is now available to watch on YouTube


you can now download our new album

"Head Out Of Your Mind" on BandCamp


"Steve Kerr" Video Shoot

today we're shooting the second video off of our upcoming album Head Out Of Your Mind!

hot dogs, cracker jacks, basketball and conflict; all the makings for a tasty video.

look for it soon!


Head Out Of Your Mind!!!

so... we're finally done with the new album! as we type, Mike Zirkel is mastering and then it's headed to United Vinyl in Nashville!

the release show is set for 8/23/13 at Inferno here in goodol' Madison. we'll be playing with colorphase, Cowboy Winter/Peel a Peel mashup, and the infamous Vipers!

we've got a couple things in the works so check back often.

in the meantime, check out our interview with Larry Bush for Maximum Ink Magazine


mix it down

hola kiddos! sorry for the break but we've been busy!

next week we start mixing and a few weeks after that, we'll be sending it off to Mike Zirkel for mastering.

keep it real amigos!



it's cold in WI but it stays hot in our studio!

tracking for the album is currently at 50% with the final push in the next few weeks.

check out our new video for Sirens Of The City on YouTube



we hope the new year kicks ass for you!

with drums wrapped for the new album, we're excited to be moving on in the project!

thank you all so much for the support in our Indiegogo fundraising campaign. although we didn't reach our goal, you helped raise enough to print the album to 180 gram vinyl!

also, the new video for Sirens Of The City will be out in the next few days! thanks Adam Wirtz!


album II

this weekend was huge for our camp!

we played an awesome show at Mickey's with Cowboy Winter and Matt Overby from The Scrubbers on Saturday. the famous Adam Wirtz even showed up and got video of us!

then, on Sunday we started recording drums for the new album and are proud to announce that our recording studio is better than we expected! the sounds we got are fantastic!

stay tuned for a brand new Sky Road Fly video and our new album due out early next year!

don't forget to check out our Indiegogo fundraising campign HERE


technical difficulty...

we apologize, but in a recent update to the website, we lost a number of posts about our past few months.

but it's cool cuz we're always looking to the future!

be sure to come to Mickey's Tavern on Saturday 11/24 for a FREE SHOW!!! we're also shooting our next video there and we'd love to see all your pretty faces...

we have a fundraising campaign with some fantastic rewards for almost any donation. you can check out the link HERE or click on the new picture on the far right side of your browser window!


Against Me!

the new video has received great reveiws from our fans and we are very greatful for that. please keep spreading the word! if you haven't seen it yet, check it out HERE

and with all of Rob's hard work in FL, he landed us a gig in Omaha, NE with Against Me!

see you in a couple weeks Omaha! until then, come see us on 5/25 at Mr. Robert's.



today we released our first music video for the song "Coyote." many thanks go out to the Adam Wirtz camp for hookin' it up PHAT!

check it out on YouTube

and stay tuned for an upcoming anouncent...


April is fun...

Thank you Club Liquid for hosting us for D's birthday bash. We had a great time and hope to hear from you all soon!

Next up, we play with Clovis Mann and Real Kinves also, be on the lookout for us at High Noon Saloon for a battle of muddy epicness...


Vote for us!

Please tell all your friends to go here...

We need a lot more votes to get this gig all the way up in Wisconsin Dells. Otherwise, we hope to see you in Portage, WI this weekend when we play with The Phil Kegley Band!


Things happenin'!

Well it looks like Columbus isn't gonna happen for the sky riots tour 2012. instead, we're gonna do something a little closer to home.

4/19 in Chicago at Underground Lounge

4/20 in Milwaukee at Linneman's

4/21 in Sturgeon Bay

Come and check us out if you're close!


sky riots mini tour!

We talked to Tiny Riots today...

The 420 mini tour in Chicago, Columbus, OH and somewhere in Indiana is now in the planning stages. We're super excited to get back out and see our homies in No Reverse Gear!



So, we just shot our 1st music video this past weekend with the soon to be famous Adam Wirtz.

Be on the lookout for it in the next couple weeks. Also, catch us live at Mr. Robert's tomorrow night, Thur 1/12/12. IT"S FREE!!!



Yeah we're late... but it's cool! we have some new songs for you and some sweet gigs coming up.

Our CD is for sale thru paypal right HERE!

Check out our new tunes live at Mr. Robert's on Thur 1/12/12.

Upcoming Shows


91.7 FM Madison

friday, may 23 @ 3 PM


1718 Commercial Ave

Madison, WI

friday, may 23

doors at 8 PM

featuring Outshine from Sweden

and Carbellion

and subatomic

and Body Thief

High Noon Saloon

701 E Washington Ave

Madison, WI

saturday, may 23

doors at 9 PM

with Parias Day

and The Flavor That Kills

and Annabel Lee


1718 Commercial Ave

Madison, WI

friday, june 6

9 PM

Damidol's last show!

and Wicked Inquisition from MSP

and Dead Apples